We offer and number or services to people in county Tipperary and around Ireland including: Roof painting Tipperary and surrounding counties, Roof Cleaning with Moss and Algae removal. Roof Colour Restoration and Matching and Cherry Picker hire in Clonmel, Tipperary and surrounding areas.


Roof Painting and Spraying Process

Roof Painting Process. We us a high quality eco-friendly Rainbow Roofing Roof Coat System, there is a vast reduction to moss and algae growth by closing the pores in the cement tiles, thus maintaining the tile and improving the appearance of the roof


Roof Tile Colour Restoration

Re-Spraying is a more time efficient, cleaner and more cost effective way to rejuvenate your roof than re-roofing. Extremely tough with a long life span there is both a reduction to moss and algae growth by closing the pores in the cement of the tiles as well as a visual transformation.


Cherry Picker Hire Clonmel

Cherry picker hire Clonmel. For those hard to reach places, we offer stable and compact aerial platform for operations up to 14 meters. Handyman included to help you with whatever job you want.


Roof Cleaning - Moss and Algae Removal

Moss and algae growth not only compromise the appearance of your roof but can also lead to structural damage over time. Our roof respraying services include thorough cleaning and treatment to eliminate moss, algae, and other organic growth, ensuring a healthier and longer-lasting roof.