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Roof Painting

Re-Spraying is a more time efficient, cleaner and more cost effective way to rejuvenate your roof than re-roofing. Extremely tough with a long life span there is both a reduction to moss and algae growth by closing the pores in the cement of the tiles as well as a visual transformation.

Using the innovative and high quality eco-friendly Rainbow Roofing Roof Coat System, there is a vast reduction to moss and algae growth by closing the pores in the cement tiles, thus maintaining the tile and improving the appearance of the roof.

Products Advantages

  • Permeable to water vapour.
  • Water repellent.
  • Significant reduction of moss and algae.
  • Solvent free.
  • No negative effects on adjoining surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Provides long term protection for the roof

Rainbow Roofing is a suitable coating for the renovation of roofing materials such as concrete tiles, artificial slate. Available in nine diffrent colours.

The process

The roof is thoroughly cleaned with the aid of a power washer. On completion of the roof cleaning, the house and surrounding areas are also cleaned to prepare for the painting procedure.

The painting

The roof is now sprayed with a highly durable eco-friendly roof paint with 10-year makers guarantee. To insure the best possible outcome the roof is given two coats of paint in the color of your choice.

Roof Painted

Long Lasting

In our 20 years of experience Rainbow Roofing is constantly improving the procedure on a job-to-job basis, ensuring the best possible finish and satisfaction for the customer for years to come.

Tried and Trusted

We pride ourselves in the fact that the complaints department is dormant and that the images seen in our gallery speak for themselves; 20 years of satisfied customers amounting to five thousand households.