Product Advantages

Rainbow Roofing is a suitable coating for the renovation of roofing materials such as concrete tiles, artificial slate. Available in nine diffrent colours.

As a result the roof will look as good as new again but with the added advantages of:

  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Water repellent
  • Significant reduction of moss and algae
  • Solvent free
  • No negative effects on adjoining surfaces
  • Resistant to UV light
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning properties
  • Very good adhesion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent colour stability
  • Provides long term protection for the roof
  • Extremely tough with a long life span

Extremely tough with a long life span there is both a reduction to moss and algae growth by closing the pores in the cement of the tiles as well as a visual transformation.

Rainbow Roofing acrylic water-based products have impressive physical properties and hase been tested in a number of Europaeen institutions for its outstanding qualities and longevity.